What exactly am I signing up for?

To be supported through this difficult time! Our mentors & faculty will offer a fresh perspective with the challenges you’re facing and explore solutions. The level of mentoring will be decided by you and your mentor after your initial meeting. The initial meeting will be 30 mins. Nothing more is expected from either party but further mentoring can be mutually agreed upon.

How does this whole thing work?
  • Complete the mentee application
  • We’ll confirm there’s a fit (size, validate biz, complete application)
  • We’ll email our list of mentors
  • You reach out directly to the best fit mentor and coordinate a time to connect
  • Viola, a helpful fresh perspective!


How do I connect with mentors?

We’ll send you an email with our list of mentors and some background information along with contact details. Review the mentors for the best fit and reach out to that mentor directly.

Is this just for small businesses?

Yes, our focus is on startups and small businesses.

How should I choose which mentor would be best?

A suggested process:

  • Write down your key questions and challenges and areas of your business you’d like feedback on, whether that’s marketing, operations, strategy, HR, etc.
  • Map this to the mentor’s area of expertise as well as industry. Please note our mentors & faculty have extensive experience and can be helpful with overall business strategy and problem solving even if outside of your direct industry.
  • Reach out to 1-2 mentors and connect accordingly


Can I connect with more than 1 mentor?

It depends. We recommend reaching out to 1 or 2 mentors and connecting accordingly. We understand some mentors may not be as available. However, please do not reach out to more than 1 or 2 mentors as there’s a high need for our local ventures to get help.

How do I know if I’m a fit with this program?
  • You’re a startup, a high-growth venture or small business
  • Located in Colorado
  • Can benefit from a fresh perspective in how to move your business forward
There are a lot of mentoring options, why engage here?

We suggest you take full advantage of mentoring opportunities as they arise when needed. Our mentors have worked with us at CU for many years and our faculty are world-class entrepreneurs so we’re confident in their ability to help. However, you may not find the correct fit and we certainly suggest you reach out to other mentoring opportunities when available.


How do prospective mentees connect with me?

Each mentee that is accepted into the program will receive a list of all of our mentors. The mentee will do their own matching and reach out to mentors accordingly. We know it’s not the most sophisticated process at the moment but our entrepreneurs need help now. Further functionality will be introduced as we grow the program.

What is the time commitment?

The expectation is a minimum of a 30-minute conversation to provide a fresh perspective and help where possible. It’s up to you and your mentee to determine if any further mentoring would be helpful, needed or wanted.

What if I get too many mentoring requests?

First, thank you for helping to this level! Second, please send us an email at and let us know to pause your mentoring. We’ll simply hide your information until you’re ready to jump back in.


Why should I agree to mentor through this platform?

To give back to our local and Colorado ventures who need help during this crisis. There are many different mentoring opportunities and please do engage with what you believe to be the best fit. Our mentors are excited to be engaged with activities and the community at CU and other universities through the state of Colorado.