FGX is a two-credit elective (BADM 1260) taught during the spring semester with a week-long global experience during spring break or May term. FGX lets students get a jump start on study abroad, learn how international issues and cultural differences impact the business world, and take the first step in developing a global mindset.

Some FGX programs are limited to specific Leeds populations, while other FGX programs are open to all Leeds first-year students.

Program cost varies by location, but generally range from $3,300-$4,000; please note that ALL program costs listed below are estimates and subject to change. Upon signing the FGX student agreement, a $500 charge will be placed on the CU student account. The remaining balance is due in the spring along with standard CU tuition. Partial scholarships ($1,000 - $1,500) may be awarded based on demonstrated financial need. Students may apply for scholarship consideration through the online FGX enrollment form.

For spring of 2022 we are excited to offer enrollment for both first-year students and sophomores due to the cancellation of 2021 programs. More information on the enrollment process can be found on the FGX FAQs page. Tentative program locations are listed below. Please note that all program locations are subject to change and will ultimately be confirmed by Leeds Global.

  • Berlin
  • Dubai
  • Dublin
  • Greece
  • Paris
  • Portugal

  • Rome
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Tokyo

For students planning to travel in spring 2022, please be aware that U.S. passport processing is experiencing delays due to COVID-19, with regular processing taking up to 18 weeks and even expedited processing taking up to 12 weeks. If you are thinking about studying abroad in 2022 and need to apply for a new passport, we recommend applying as soon as possible!

Spring 2022 Program Locations

Theme: Rubble to Rockstar: How Germany Transformed into a World Powerhouse
Program Affiliation: None
Travel Dates: May
Approximate Cost: $3,325
Faculty Leader: Kevin Schaub 
Program Description: Learn how Germany has emerged from the epicenter of two world wars and the Cold War, to become Europe’s leading economy, as well as one of the world’s largest. Based in Berlin, we’ll visit its cultural sites, including the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie. We’ll tour high-tech manufacturing facilities and learn how Germany has taken on a leadership role in sustainability and renewable energy. In addition to learning about business in Germany, we’ll also explore how culture and history are deeply interwoven into the German economy and society.

Theme:  Business, Culture, and Corporate Social Responsibility in Barcelona
Program Affiliation: Diverse Scholars Program
Travel Dates: May
Approximate Cost: $3,500
Faculty Leader: Kimberly Campbell
Program Description: TBD

Theme: Exploring Innovation, Global Business and Culture in the Emerald Isle
Program Affiliation: None
Travel Dates: May
Approximate Cost: $3,550
Faculty Leader: Tara O’ Brien
Program Description: A hotbed of entrepreneurship and international business, Ireland is a great place to live and work. With its young, vibrant workforce, an attractive cost base and an amazing track record in the global scene, Ireland remains a desired business gateway Europe, Middle East and the Americas. In this course we will learn about new and established global businesses located in Dublin and how the UK departure from the EU may affect the future of this vibrant economy.

Theme: Greece: Rebuilding After an Economic Collapse
Program Affiliation: Dean’s Leadership Fellows
Travel Dates: March
Approximate Cost: TBD
Faculty Leader: Stacey Edgar
Program Description: In more ways than one, Greece is at a crossroads. For years, its ongoing battle with the Eurozone over debt has dominated the headlines, raising eyebrows and ire in economic and political circles. Still, Greece rose to worldwide prominence, in part because it is at a crossroads – near the intersection of Europe, Asia, and Africa at what’s often called “the cradle of Western civilization.” This course will dive into Greece’s capitalist economy that has faced a series of challenges since the economic collapse of 2008, in addition to exploring the tourism and export industries that drive Greece’s economy.

Theme: Vive L’Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurship in the City of Light
Program Affiliation: None
Travel Dates: May
Approximate Cost: $3,675
Faculty Leader: Elmer Ramos
Program Description: “Entrepreneur” is originally a French word, roughly translated as “adventurer.” So, we’ll embark on a Parisian adventure to learn how entrepreneurship is developing in France. The City of Light is a beckon for startups, as government and culture become more supportive of new businesses. We’ll also examine how corporate social responsibility plays a part in this burgeoning sector. It will be a robust opportunity to compare and contrast entrepreneurship in the U.S. and France.

City: Lisbon
Theme: Resiliency Over the Centuries: Rebuilding and Renewing in Portugal
Program Affiliation: None
Travel Dates: May
Approximate Cost: $3,650
Faculty Leader: Jaclyn Abeloe 
Program Description: Visit with companies from established and burgeoning industries in Portugal to learn more about how businesses responded to the country’s economic crisis, and helped contribute to Portugal’s trajectory of economic recovery.  Explore Lisbon, one of the oldest cities in the world, and the cultural, political, and economic capital of Portugal.  In addition to learning more about the business sector, this course also focuses on how culture, history, and politics are deeply interwoven into the Portuguese economy and society.

Theme: The Eternal City: Exploring the intersection of Food, Art, Culture and Sport
Program Affiliation: None
Travel Dates: March
Approximate Cost: $3,400
Faculty Leader: Michael Jennings
Program Description: For the first time since 1968, Italy reigns supreme for Euro 2020 (futbol).  Come discover the economics of sport as we enjoy the cultural, artistic, and architectural center of Western Civilization.  Who keeps a family run gelato business operating for over 100 years?  What prompted leading fashion houses like Fendi, Tod’s, and Bulgari to help restore heritage buildings?  Where can you find the tastiest gastronomic delights that craft export-led business opportunities?  When will the tourism industry overwhelm local resources?  Why did the second largest film and television production studio in the world develop a theme park?  When in Rome, do as the Romans – seek answers!

Theme:  Exploring Sustainability & Technology 
Program Affiliation: None
Travel Dates: May 
Approximate Cost: $3,850 
Faculty Leader: Kevin McMahon
Program Description: FGX Sweden is an incredible opportunity to travel to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, which encompasses 14 islands and more than 50 bridges on an extensive Baltic Sea archipelago. Sweden’s vibrant mix of the natural environment, sustainability, high-tech startups like Spotify, and an inclusive, welcoming culture make it an ideal destination to grow and learn.

Cities: Zurich & Geneva
Theme: Exploring the Swiss Banking, Chocolate, Tech and Tourism Industries
Program Affiliation: Pre-Business Program
Travel Dates: May 
Approximate Cost: $4,000
Faculty Leader: Vanessa Napier 
Program Description: Founded by the Romans 2,000 years ago, Switzerland’s largest city is a global financial center. Quiet, quaint but intriguingly modern and increasingly hip, it’s also been chosen as one of the top ten “most livable” cities in the world. During this program we will explore the finance and banking sectors, compare Switzerland and Colorado’s tourism, ski and tech industries, and visit the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer.

Theme: Understanding the complexity of global business through a US-Japan perspective
Program Affiliation: Leeds Scholars Program
Travel Dates: May
Approximate Cost: Please contact Darrell Zechman
Faculty Leader: Sarah Cowan
Program Description: Japan is where old meets new. Tokyo, the world’s largest metropolitan area, is famous for its bustling intersections (the world’s busiest), bullet trains (the world’s first), densely packed skyscrapers (some of the world’s tallest), and sci-fi neon lights (among the world’s brightest). Yet this modern metropolis is also home to centuries-old family-run businesses, sacred shrines that date to the 7th century AD, and blossoming cherry trees older than the United States. It’s a fascinating place to study global business. As we explore this complex city, both ancient and modern, we’ll partner with a local university to examine business issues through a joint US-Japan perspective.

City: Dubai
Theme: Business Growth in the UAE
Program Affiliation: Leeds Honors Program
Travel Dates: March
Approximate Cost: Please contact Darrell Zechman
Faculty Leader: Darrell Zechman
Program Description: Learn why the UAE has become a key international trade hub between the East and West. Visit Dubai’s diverse businesses and rich cultural sites.  Shop in the local souks, ski indoors, or go to the top of the world’s tallest building. Take a day excursion to the capital city of Abu Dhabi and see the gorgeous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque along the way. Don't miss the chance to experience the grandeur of the UAE!

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