Event Date: Nov 12, 2009
Event Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Eaton Humanities, Room 250

The Center celebrated the release of its newest book, Remedies for a New West: Healing Landscapes, Histories, and Cultures. Published by the University of Arizona Press, this exciting new collaborative volume, coedited by Patty Limerick, Andrew Cowell, and Sharon Collinge, offers a kaleidoscope of viewpoints from engineers, biologists, linguists, musicians, lawyers, and others – on strategies for restoration, repair, and remediation in response to historical injuries to the people and landscapes of the West. More than “dealing with” or “solving,” the concept of healing addresses not just symptoms but their underlying causes, offering not just a temporary cure but a permanent one. The book’s editors, and some of the contributors, were on hand to read from and talk about this project.