Jim Enote
September 17, 2009

Jim Enote – Zuni farmer and interrupted artist – has explored to a large degree such varied subjects as cultural pattern languages, Zuni architecture as fluxus art, Japanese art after 1945, and, since 1999, creating map art. Born in Zuni, New Mexico, Enote considers his career an odyssey of hitchhiking, watermelon picking, writing, and advocacy for indigenous peoples. He is also known for his painting, photography, and poetry, and has shown and performed his work domestically and internationally. Besides currently serving as Director of the A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center, he is a Senior Advisor for Mountain Cultures at the Mountain Institute, a New Mexico Community Luminaria, and E. F. Shumacher Society Fellow. He is now camped out at his work-in-progress home in Zuni.