Published: March 1, 2017 By

Eric Gershon

The United States could have a new Supreme Court Justice soon — one with CU ties. Federal judge Neil Gorsuch, Boulder resident and visiting Colorado Law professor, was nominated for the court’s vacant seat in late January. Congress was expected to consider his candidacy in March.

If Gorsuch, the son of two Colorado Law graduates, is confirmed, he would give CU Boulder and the state of Colorado their deepest SCOTUS affiliation since 1993, the year Justice Byron White (Econ’38) retired and returned to the Rockies. White himself makes a timely cameo in this football-rich issue: 2017 marks the centennial of his birth. An All-American halfback, he was also his class’s valedictorian, epitomizing the scholar-athlete.

Whatever your feelings about Supreme Court politics, and whether you like sports or not, it must be said: Colorado lawyers and athletes have set tongues wagging from sea to sea.