Learn how to defend people, organizations and nations from adversaries sooner and at a lower cost.

Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy at CU Boulder

  • You may take up to twelve credit hours of our 30-credit MS in technology, cybersecurity, and policy while you pursue your bachelor's degree in computer science.
    • You may take up to 12 credit hours of graduate-level CYBR courses during your undergraduate studies.
    • You cannot take CYBR 5300: Introduction to CyberSecurity.
  • Six credit hours can be simultaneously applied toward your bachelor's and graduate degree requirements. For your simultaneously applied credits, you can choose from these courses:
    • CYBR 5200: Introduction to Wireless Systems
    • CYBR 5330: Digital Forensics
    • Any CSCI 5000-level or above course that has been approved to apply towards the MS in TCP degree.