Boulder Doesn’t Go Backwards

Your no vote will protect 2300 Boulder residents from future floodingThe annexation of CU Boulder South was decided collectively, among all of us. In September 2021, Boulder City Council annexed CU Boulder South after decades of work by city staff, numerous city and county boards and commissions, university officials, elected officials, and hundreds of community members who participated in engagement and outreach along the way. Multiple city councils elected by the voters continually moved CU Boulder South annexation forward, codifying numerous values shared by the community and the university. 

The annexation agreement embodies the best of Boulder: protection of life safety and open space, creation of urgently needed housing, and a commitment to public collaboration. 

In November 2021, a ballot initiative that could have jeopardized future CU Boulder South agreements was resoundingly voted down by Boulder voters. 

Now, a new referendum places deannexation on the November 2022 ballot. The referendum threatens the entirety of this detailed annexation agreement, and would halt flood protection that is being designed for 2,300 Boulder residents who remain at risk after the 2013 floods. Simply, it threatens the progress and values that Boulder residents hold dear. 

Voters can take a stand to protect their neighbors and affirm the city’s commitment to housing equity, open space and accessible natural habitats by rejecting this measure. 

As you learn more about how the annexation agreement enables us to build a better Boulder together, we encourage you to vote NO on the initiative to overturn the annexation.