Published: Sept. 8, 2020

ICS is delighted to welcome the 2020-2021 Executive Committee members and thank members who are rotating off the committee.

Welcome New ICS Executive Committee Members! 

  • Albert Kim (Associate Professor - ICS/Psych & NeuroSci)
  • McKell Carston (Assistant Professor - ICS/Psych & NeuroSci)
  • Quentin Biddy (Research Associate - ICS)

In a separate process, the graduate students selected their outstanding Executive Committee Representative.

  • Abhijit Suresh (PhD Student - CS/NeuroSci/ICS)

We are grateful for the following members who will continue to serve on the Executive Committee for the second year:

  • Leanne Hirshfield (Associate Research Professor - ICS)
  • David Quigley (RA/Instructor - ICS/CS)
  • Chenhao Tan (CS – ICS Fellow)

Ex Officio members who will continue to serve, thank you for your leadership:

  • Donna Caccamise (ICS Associate Director)
  • Matt Jones (CRT Director)
  • Nicole Speer (INC Director of Operations)
  • Tamara Sumner (ICS Director)

Thank you to the following members who gave ICS their two-year term of service and are stepping down. We are grateful for your dedication and participation.

  • Cinnamon Bidwell (Assistant Professor - ICS )
  • James Martin (Professor - ICS/CS) 
  • Norielle Adricula (PhD Student Dept of Linguistics/ICS)