Colin Elliott
Research Scientist Level 1
SchoolWide Labs

Research Summary: Colin’s research is focused on bringing a critical eye to STEM learning and the implications for teaching. His dissertation work at New York University partnered with a robotics team based at an urban engineering-focused high school to explore how learning unfolds and help imagine what it would take for a more just STEM educational future.

Bio: After completing his time as a postdoctoral Research Fellow at Utah State University Department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences, Colin joined the CU Boulder ICS team as a research scientist. Before pursuing a PhD, he taught high school physics in Newark, NJ, and continues to do volunteer work supporting youth in his community. He uses his experience working with youth to guide his research foci, studying the STEM education landscape with a focus on educational justice. He has expertise in video-based ethnographic methods, particularly Interaction Analysis and ethnomethodology, and participatory research methods. He believes it is important to explicitly carve out space for youth and participating adults to collaborate in STEM education research.