Jeff Bush Headshot
Research Scientist Level 2 • iSAT Executive Committee
Institute of Cognitive Science • NSF National AI Institute for Student-AI Teaming

Jeff's research focus is on how technology can support teachers to improve their practices around phenomenon based instruction and formative assessment. Prior to coming to ICS, Jeff investigated how different instructional technology platforms interacted with high leverage teaching practices during formative assessment. Jeff worked with Woot Math (a Boulder based education technology startup) to design formative assessment tools that empower teachers to use student thinking and ideas during instruction, making it easier for teachers to support students in developing mathematical mindsets. He also has worked with the PhET group to design simulations and study how they can support students with learning math and teachers with facilitating conceptually focused student discourse. Jeff also has worked to support math and computer science teachers in their professional learning, particularly around their use of instructional technology and assessment. 

Jeff's current work at ICS focuses on supporting teachers as they work to integrate programmable sensor technology into science and STEM classrooms. This includes work with the Institute for Student and AI Teaming (iSAT) to support collaborative learning in STEM classrooms, particularly about AI related concepts. Jeff writes curriculum, orchestrates teacher professional learning, analyzes data and acts as an intermediary between AI researchers and school/district partners. 

Prior to becoming a researcher, Jeff taught high school math in New Hampshire and led summer wilderness trips for teens through the YMCA.