General Safety

To maintain your home security, keep your photo ID separate from your apartment keys and do not mark your keys with your apartment number or address. If you lose your keys, alert the Graduate & Family Housing Office right away. An emergency apartment lock change (at a cost of $45) can be processed and you will be issued a new set of keys. 

Community Awareness

Community awareness and prevention are additional lines of security available to you.

  • Report suspicious behavior/people to CUPD at 911 or 303-492-6666
  • Do not leave personal items, etc. in public areas and lock bikes to provided racks
  • Park your car in a well-lit area and do not leave anything of value within view

Fire Safety

Fire is a danger to all residents, and everyone must be aware of prevention efforts and prohibited items and practices. We ask you to carefully review the safety section of the AY 2021-22 Graduate & Family Housing Handbook to become familiar with these so you can partner with us in keeping the community safe. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Graduate & Family Housing Office at 303-492-6384.

Fire Sprinkler System

To ensure proper and worry-free operation of your fire sprinkler system:
Exercise awareness and caution around sprinkler equipment. It should be free of any obstructions as it could be damaged and/or activated. Damaging a sprinkler head can lead to accidental activation which causes water to be released into your apartment.


There is the possibility of floods, tornadoes, severe wind storms and/or other emergencies that may require evacuation. We have set up a comprehensive guide to help you in case of an emergency and ask that you read through it and become familiar with it. It is available in full in the AY 2021-22 Graduate and Family Housing Handbook under the safety section.