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Student playing drums
Welcome to the Jazz Drums Studio!

Welcome to the Jazz Drums Studio! As a student focused on Jazz Drum Set you should expect to be studying all the aspects your instrument entails, both as a contributing rhythm section player and as a soloist. You should expect to be well versed in all styles of Latin, Jazz, Pop, Contemporary, Funk and Rock, including the odd-meter derivatives therein.

You should also expect to become intimately familiar with the great lineage of the masters—past, present and future—who share your passion for being the driving energy and spirit of the groups, music and fellow musicians with which they have associated.

Finally, you should expect to have the opportunity to express your talent with other outstanding musicians, under the mentorship of a masterful faculty, and possess the tools and resources to be able to take your music to the next level of creativity. It is our honor, joy and determination to guide a jazz drum set studio that can provide a climate that will enable you to meet and exceed those expectations.

paul romaine

Paul Romaine

Paul Romaine began playing drums professionally at age 14. Paul has led, recorded or performed with countless combinations of the Denver area’s best players and with internationally acclaimed artists such as Eddie Harris, Benny Golson and Robin Eubanks. During his association with the Woody Herman Orchestra, Paul toured North America performing concerts and clinics. In between gigs, he studied jazz composition at the Lamont School of Music and, in 1991 received a degree in recording engineering from the University of Colorado. He serves as a mentor musician/clinician in several Denver area school districts and founded the Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts (CCJA), which offers a program for middle school and high school students from throughout the Denver metropolitan area to play together and study with professional musicians on a weekly basis. Read Paul's full bio.