Principal investigator
Jun Ye

The University of Colorado Boulder; NIST Quantum Physics Division within JILA;College of Arts & Sciences; College of Engineering and Applied Science

Collaboration + support
The Caruso Foundation; The Kavli Foundation; industry partners

Jun Ye in front of wiresIn January 2019, the university launched the CUbit Quantum Initiative, a cross-campus initiative for quantum science and technology. 

The news followed the passage of the National Quantum Initiative Act, which positions quantum information science and technology at the top of the U.S. science and technology agenda by authorizing $1.2 billion over 10 years for quantum science research and education centers.

A collaboration among CU Boulder, the NIST Quantum Physics Division (the NIST portion of JILA) and quantum-related industry partners along Colorado’s Front Range, CUbit forms a foundation for local, regional and national quantum efforts engaging universities, industry and government. 

CUbit Director Jun Ye, professor adjoint of physics and fellow of JILA and NIST, believes the initiative’s timing is ideal for the university and the nation: “CUbit will train the next generations of CU Boulder scientists and engineers to lead the emerging quantum revolution.”