Yang and Yin with roll of cooling material

Beat the heat

A thin, low-cost metamaterial keeps buildings cool with zero energy consumption.

Fermented pint of beer

From beer to battery

Two CU Boulder engineers have pioneered an ingenious way to turn Colorado’s booming craft beer economy into renewable power.

Rickshaws on the street in India

Rickshaws 2.0

Widespread use of this rickshaw conversion kit could save drivers cash and have the same emissions impact as taking one million rickshaws off the road.

Graphic of power in United States

On the Road to a Cleaner Future

An “interstate for electrons” could revolutionize the American energy grid.

Student helping make homes more energy efficient

Healthy Air and Energy Efficiency in Low-Income Housing

Wildfires are becoming increasingly common in Colorado, due in part to climate change.

SEEC building

Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex Center Inspires Climate Collaboration

One building is new, LEED-certified and designed to maximize natural light.