Published: Nov. 10, 2015
Veterans Day ceremony
As we observe Veterans Day this Wednesday, we are reminded that the life stories and experiences of our veteran students, faculty and staff provide great diversity to our campus.
With so much attention focused on the things that divide our nation, it’s far too easy to overlook something that should unite us – our gratitude for the sacrifices of those still serving and those who have served so selflessly in our armed forces. 
Please take a moment to reflect on how much we owe the silent heroes in our midst, and acknowledge their legacy of the defense of our American ideals, principles and liberties. 
The spirit of sacrifice embodied by our veterans is also a call to all of us to serve one another, our nation and our world in our own individual ways. In this, our veterans’ model of service is an example to us all. 
Finally, I am asking the members of our CU-Boulder community to thank our veterans whenever you have the chance, whether on Veterans Day, or any day of the year.
Pictured: Campus Color Guard at the 2011 CU-Boulder Veterans Day ceremony.