Published: Nov. 18, 2015
As we mourn the loss of life in Paris and conduct outreach it is important that we re-affirm our values as a campus by providing support to the French students studying with us in Boulder, to our American students studying in France, and to the valued members of our Muslim community on campus.
This is a time to stand together and to confront this act of terror with a renewal of our commitment to scholarly inquiry. We expect our students, faculty and staff to willingly engage in inquiry and discussion by putting assumptions aside, dismissing stereotypes and fueling our natural curiosity about each other’s cultures, views and experiences. 
It is also vital that, in sharing those experiences and feelings, we do so in a spirit of respect and civility. That spirit does not tolerate ethnic intimidation or discrimination based upon religion or any other protected class. Showing such respect for others and engaging in ethical conduct is enshrined in the Laws of the Regents, but more than that, it’s a basic tenet of membership within our campus community.  
I want us to rise to the challenge of this difficult international moment by greeting tragedy with healing and conflict with understanding, and by refusing to inject more rancor and reprisal into the mix. I urge you to check the community notes section of CU-Boulder Today for campus memorials, discussions, lectures, benefit drives and other opportunities for learning and engagement, and to partake of those in a spirit of resolve and commitment to our highest values. As these efforts continue, I also wish all of you a safe and peaceful Fall Break and Thanksgiving holiday. 
Thank you,
Philip P. DiStefano,