Today’s news cycle is busy. In-person interviews aren’t always feasible. But great stories often still need CU Boulder’s experts, athletes and leaders to lend their voices. CU Boulder's in-house broadcast studio system enables university affiliates to easily conduct high-quality remote interviews with television and radio stations around the country.

617-340-4300 (VideoLink)

Functions & Technical Capabilities

  • HD video
  • Live or recorded interviews
  • Professional lighting
  • Customizable electronic backdrop
  • Connections via VideoLink, Skype, Facebook Live, YouTube
  • Broadcast-quality IP/ISDN audio for radio
  • Central location at 3100 Marine St. in Boulder 

News Headlines

line chart spiking up and plummeting down

Business confidence in Colorado slips to fifth-lowest index in 20 years

Released by the Leeds Business Research Division (BRD) at CU Boulder’s Leeds School of Business, business confidence index indicates how business leaders across the state anticipate the economy to perform in the coming quarter. Read more
Wil Srubar

Cities of the future may be built with algae-grown limestone

The Living Materials Laboratory is scaling up the manufacture of carbon-neutral cement as well as cement products, which can slowly pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and store it. Read more
Konrad Steffen with ice covering his mustache

Glacier named for Konrad Steffen, former CIRES director

The Greenland Place Name Committee has named a glacier “Sermeq Konrad Steffen” after the late Konrad Steffen, former director of CIRES, who made exceptional contributions to Greenlandic society and science. Read more
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