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There are 8 tenured or tenure-track faculty rostered in the Graduate School and based at IBG. In total there are 32 faculty fellows, most of whom hold joint appointments in academic units on the Boulder and Denver campuses. Although Behavioral Genetics can be thought of as the intersection between genetics and the behavioral sciences, our faculty comes from a broader range of backgrounds.

On the Boulder campus: Dept of Psychology & Neuroscience (10 +3 emeritus), Dept of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (2), MCDB (1), Dept of Integrative Physiology (4), Dept of Sociology (1), Graduate School (2)

At the University of Colorado Denver: Departments of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2), Pharmacology (3), and Psychiatry (2), and the Center for Bioethics and Humanities (1). At the University of Denver: Department of Psychology (1).

In addition to our research mission, faculty on the Boulder campus participate in both undergraduate and graduate teaching.

Graduate Students

21 graduate students mentored by IBG faculty fellows participate in the IBG training program; since we are not a degree-granting institute, all current graduate students are affiliated with academic units on the Boulder campus.


Approximately 32 postdoctoral fellows, research associates, and senior research associates.

Research Personnel

Approximately 58 PRAs, 13 administrative and animal laboratory staff members. and 31 undergraduate student employees.