From the desk of Director Tammy Sumner

Dear ICS Community

I have received the final ARPAC report on ICS, recently reviewed and approved by the Provost. The report is linked here. You could be forgiven for thinking that this process was long over! There was a 6 month pandemic-related delay so we are getting the final report now instead of last spring. 

This final report is compiled by a campus-wide committee that carefully reviews our self-study document, the Internal Review Committee Report, the External Review Committee Report, our previous ARPAC report, and the Unit Profile produced by the CU Office of Data Analytics. It is a gargantuan analysis and synthesis task, and we had a wonderful lead on this final report in the form of Prof. Alison Boardman from the School of Education. This report is provided to units in the spirit of continuous self-improvement, albeit on a seven year academic timescale. 

The final report (29 pages) consists of 5 sections

  • process overview
  • unit overview (a description of ICS, "just the facts")
  • past reviews
  • analysis
  • recommendations (to ICS, to various Deans, and to the Provost)

I strongly encourage everyone to read the Recommendations section! These are the things that we should do, working with senior administration, to strengthen ICS. While all of these pre-covid thoughts may feel like water under the bridge, I suspect that many of these recommendations still hold, and will become even more important in the coming years. 

Happy Reading!