Angela new
ICS Affiliated Faculty • Co-Director, CU Change Lab • Professor
Psychology and Neuroscience

BA, Psychology, UCLA, 1992.
MA, Social Psychology, Quantitative Emphasis, Arizona State University, 1994.
PhD, Social Psychology, Quantitative Emphasis, Arizona State University, 1997.

Research Interests: The broad goals of my work are to use biopsychosocial models of health behavior to design, implement, and evaluate theory-based behavior change interventions to improve preventative health behavior. I currently focus on HIV/STD prevention and exercise promotion. Highly innovative aspects of my work involve using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and DNA collection to test key genetic, epigenetic, and neurocognitive moderators and mediators of intervention effects and examine theory-based linkages between biological and social cognitive factors. With students and postdocs, I pursue secondary interests in evolutionary social and health psychology with a focus on attraction and mating and on the role our evolution as a species may play in current health behavior challenges.

Responsibilities: I am co-director of CUChange lab and a Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder (UCB) in the Social Psychology Program. I am also a faculty fellow at the Institute of Cognitive Science at UCB and faculty in the Centers for Neuroscience at both UCB and the Anschutz School of Medicine at the University of Colorado Denver (UCD). Finally, I am a Member of the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

About Me: I am married to Kent Hutchison, also a Professor at University of Colorado Boulder, and we collaborate both professionally and personally. We have two daughters, Ainsley and Finley, who are responsible for most of our free time. In what is left of our free time we like trail running with our dogs and wine collecting/tasting.