This Honor Code (“Code”) is predicated on the premise that the study and teaching of law in an academic setting is an integral part of the legal profession. Students and Faculty engaged in that activity, therefore, do so as members of the legal profession, and they recognize the need to maintain a high level of professional competence and integrity in their work. The purpose of the Honor Code is to foster a commitment to professional ethics and academic integrity.

For questions or concerns related to the Code, please contact the student leaders of the Honor Council at This address is monitored by the Chairperson of the Honor Council, Mackenzie Novak, Class of 2022. Representatives from the first-, second-, and third-year classes serve on the Honor Council each year.  


Current representatives include:

Mackenzie Novak, Chairperson,
Tyler Strobel, Vice-chairman, 
Robyn Smith, Secretary,
Jael Ochoa, Class of 2022 Representative,
Jason Sharman, Class of 2022 Representative,
Adam Spencley, Class of 2022 Representative,
Tate Crosby, Class of 2022
Matt Long, Class of 2023 Representative,

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