Do you offer spring admission?

The MENV will not be offering Spring admission in 2022.

What is the difference between the priority and final application deadline?

For Fall 2022 applications, there is a priority and a final deadline. For The priority deadline is Friday, January 15, 2022. January 15 is also the MENV scholarship deadline. Space is limited for this competitive program, and we will prioritize applicants who apply by the priority deadline. 

The final deadline for Fall 2022 is March 15, 2022. Applications will be reviewed up until this date or until the cohort is filled. No applications submitted after March 15 will be reviewed by the admission committee. 

Are there any pre-requisite courses for the MENV program?

Our curriculum is designed to take applicants from a variety of backgrounds and give them all the knowledge and skills they need to become leaders in the environmental sector. We do not require any pre-requisite courses before entering the program. 

Do I need to have a certain major or professional background before applying?

Students in the MENV program come from a wide range of backgrounds, which creates a diverse set of perspectives in the classroom. While many of our students do have an academic or professional background in the environmental sector, up to half of each class enters the program with experience in another discipline (e.g. finance, engineering, education). 

Can I submit my GRE/GMAT score for consideration with my application?

The MENV program does not consider the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) as part of its review process. After extensive review, the admissions committee has decided that these tests, although a useful indicator for some graduate programs, does not accurately predict the success of a student pursuing a professional program such as the MENV program. Your score will not be taken into account in the application review process even if you include it on your application. 

Is an interview required?

The MENV Graduate Program does not require interviews for applicants. In its place, we offer an option video essay as part of the application process. If you choose to complete this option, you can record the video essay directly within the application portal.

How do I apply for in-state tuition?

Students who do not already qualify for in-state tuition can become eligible after one full year of living in Colorado. To qualify for in-state tuition you must complete a Petition for In-State Tuition Classification. The petition requires proof of residence in Colorado for one full year, such as a signed lease, as well as documentation that you have registered to vote, obtained a Colorado driver’s license, registered your vehicle and filed Colorado state income taxes. Residency Guidelines can be found through the Office of the Registrar.

When can I expect to hear back about my application after applying?

Admission decisions for fall priority applicants (January 15 deadline) will be sent by March 1. All other fall applicants will be notified on a rolling basis throughout the spring.

I’m having trouble with my application - who can help me?

For questions regarding the online application and any technical difficulties, please contact the Graduate Admissions team at For general questions about MENV admissions, please contact

Will I have a faculty advisor while in the MENV program?

Unlike a traditional MS program, you do not need to seek out a faculty advisor before applying to the MENV program.You will have your specialization lead as an advisor throughout the program, and you will also have an advisor for your Capstone Project. You will be introduced to both of these advisors during your first semester on campus.

Do you offer a part-time or online program?

At this time, we do not offer a part-time or online option. The MENV program is a full-time, in-residence program. 

Can I change my specialization after being admitted?

We recommend you choose the specialization on your application thoughtfully, taking into account your current interests and professional goals. However, we recognize that plans can change and therefore, you are able to change your specialization up until the start of your first semester.

How many transfer credits can I apply towards the MENV degree?

You can transfer up to 9 credit hours towards the MENV degree. Transfer credit is defined as any credit earned at another accredited institution, credits earned at another campus of the CU System, or credits earned as a non-degree student within the CU System. For more information about transferring credit hours, please contact Bobbie Bryant, Graduate Program Coordinator, at

What is the general schedule of classes?

MENV courses are offered both during daytime and in the evening hours. MENV core and specialization classes are offered Monday - Friday.

MENV offers specific course sequences for each specialization; you can see those schedules on the Academics page on our website. Your exact schedule will depend on what electives you choose to take and when they are offered.

What are the important deadlines I should know about?

Application deadlines can be found on the MENV Admissions Page. All other dates, including tuition deadlines, campus breaks, and holidays, can be found on the CU Boulder Academic Calendar.

Can I work while attending the MENV program?

MENV students are engaged in full-time, intense, and rigorous studies for the entirety of the program. Given both the time commitment and schedule of coursework and professional development opportunities, full-time employment is not feasible. Some MENV students hold part-time jobs while going through the program, however this is typically limited to jobs with flexible schedules and no more than 15 hours per week

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

Information on student loans and other sources of financial aid, as well as all important deadlines, can be found at the University's Office of Financial Aid: All questions regarding the FAFSA form should be directed to that office, as well. 

Does the MENV program offer scholarships?

The MENV program offers a small number of scholarships.

Prospective students who are applying for Fall 2022 admissions and are interested in MENV program scholarships must submit their applications by the priority deadline (January 15, 2022). There are no additional forms to fill out; all priority applicants will be considered for scholarship. If you are chosen for an incoming student award, the amount will be stated in your admission decision letter. 

You may also contact the Graduate School Office or visit their website for more information on federal grants and scholarships. We encourage you to research private sources of scholarships and funding, as well.

Does the MENV program offer work-study or teaching assistant positions?

The MENV program is different than traditional research-track graduate programs that you might be familiar with, where students do research and work in a lab for a thesis project. As a professional program, MENV students substitute practical experience and professional development for the research component; therefore, teaching assistantships are not available for MENV students. 

The MENV program offers student employment positions within the department. These positions are roughly 10-15 hours per week and offer students a chance to become intimately involved with staff, faculty, and external partners.  You will receive more information about these positions and how to apply when you arrive on campus.