MENV is a 48-credit program. As a part of your Capstone Project, you are required to work 300 hours over the summer, resulting in a portion of tuition being paid at this time. The default program length is 21 months. Sample credit breakdown is as follows: 

Term Fall 20xx Spring 20xx Summer 20xx Fall 20xx Spring 20xx
Credits 12 12 5 13 6

The cost of the MENV program depends upon the residency status of individual students. Use the buttons below to see up-to-date information from the Bursar's Office.

MENV Colorado Resident One-Year Cost

MENV Nonresident or International One-Year Cost

Note: If you are interested in petitioning for in-state residency, use the button below to insure you are eligible and to start your process.

Residency Guidelines